Press Release - Coming Soon 2019

O’Fallon, MO: Petrichor [pe, trīkôr] Brewing, St. Louis’ newest brewery is opening its doors to the public in 2019. The brewpub, located in the neighborhood of Winghaven at 7434 Village Center Dr. O'Fallon, Missouri, will focus primarily on providing its patrons with American style craft beers. The brewpub will also feature a light menu including pizzas and popular pub fare.

Michael and Jonathan Crowell pouring samples at Augusta Brewery's Spring Thaw.

Petrichor Brewing has purchased its 5 barrel brewing equipment from American Beer Equipment. The brewery will have full capacity of 25 barrels at any given time. Petrichor will serve their own beers as well as a selection of craft guest taps including cocktails and wine. Core recipes will revolve around stouts, porters, blondes, wheat beers, and more.

Efrain Barreto mashing in a NEIPA.
“The brewing process for me is about getting the most classic style right and making it the best example of whatever beer you’re trying to make. It is fun to experiment and make variations of different styles, but having a solid, classic ale is really what my goal is. From there, it’s about breaking it down into specialty beers that really compliment the original product.” - Michael Crowell
Michael Crowell helping brew at Morgan Street Brewery

The brewpub is owned by brothers Jonathan and Michael Crowell who started planning in 2014, and brought in their good friend Efrain Barreto who began the final stages of planning in 2018. After two previous locations didn’t work out, the trio selected a stand-alone building in the Winghaven neighborhood that was once a popular restaurant for the brewpub’s home. The space is over 4,100 square feet that includes an additional 1,100 square feet of patio space. Some of this space will be available for private events.

“We are very excited about the location we landed on. We knew that would be key, so we took a lot of time finding the perfect spot. We’re happy to become part of the Winghaven neighborhood and hope to be the go to local spot for many of its residents and surrounding area. In addition to providing the best products we can, we plan on sourcing our ingredients locally and taking it one step further by growing much of our own grains, hops, yeast, and fruit on our family farms.” - Jonathan Crowell
Hops from a local vineyard, grown wild.

Chambourcin grapes growing on Michael's vineyard.

Petrichor is defined as the pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. We feel that we get the same effect when we combine our grain, hops, and water when we brew.

Efrain and Michael brewing a test batch at La Cofradía in Costa Rica.
“It’s a very exciting time to jump into the industry and work alongside some very talented people. We have already collaborated with local and international breweries such as Steampunk Brew Works in St. Louis as well as La Cofradia in Costa Rica. Our next collaboration is with Treinta y Cinco, Central America’s largest craft brewery.” - Efrain Barreto

Petrichor Brewing will be a local craft brewpub in the Winghaven subdivision off 64/40 and Highway D,7434 Village Center Dr. O'Fallon, Missouri. You can reach Petrichor Brewing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as their website: